Life-size Tracer: GamesCom 2015. This life-size print of Tracer was to promote Blizzard's new Overwatch. This called for getting a hi-res sculpt water tight and setting up keys for all the pieces to assemble together. Work done at Alliance Studio.


I had the pleasure of being part of the Riot Games Lucian statue, working at Alliance Studio. My role involved modeling his guns from scratch based off the concept art. These were modeled with Maya and Zbrush and 3D printed to bypass having to sculpt them in clay.


This is a sword from Final Fantasy that required all the little details to be resolved for the 3D print. Built out in Maya and featured at Comicon for Square Enix. Work done at Alliance Studio.


Overwatch Colossal Collectibles: These 12 foot tall figures went on display in Hollywood, Paris, and Busan South Korea as more promotion for Blizzard's Overwatch.

In 3D we modeled and cut out "toy" action figure joints for articulation and printed these huge characters 30 inch pieces at a time. Work done by Alliance Studio.


ZBrush maquette of the League of Legends character Annie and Tibbers done for Riot Games.