The following character pieces were constructed in Maya with some of the organic elements sculpted in ZBrush. All hard surface models, vehicles, props and character accessories were poly modeled with Maya. On occasion I’ve integrated TopoGun and Fusion 360 into the workflow.

Some of the pieces were purely for concept development and some for 3D printing.


3D model of Tom Thumb’s cabin for the film The Greatest Showman. This was a mix of Maya and ZBrush modeling for a 3D print that was later painted by the scenics department and shot for the film. You can find more environment assets for the film below.


This is the armored suit for ILLANG: The Wolf Brigade for Netflix. We designed and fabricated this at Alliance studio. From scratch we took our ZBrushed concept sketches and resurfaced/cleaned them up in Maya for 3D printing so the Alliance shop could then make molds for a set of 50+ suits. A nice opportunity to introduce Topogun into the pipeline for retopology and resurfacing.


Experimenting with Fusion 360 for some complex tech forms.


This was a model I made for a personal design project. Used Maya for the foundation and sculpted the finer details with ZBrush. Also used Marvelous Designer for the large soft fabric pieces. Love the opportunity to mix hard surface modeling with organic.


ZBrush maquette of the League of Legends character Annie and Tibbers done for a Riot Games miniature.

This was loosely based off the full-size statue displayed at PAX. Design and pose were art directed by Hong Ly of Riot Games and Steve Wang at Alliance Studio. The maquette was later hand painted


Hard-surface started with a ZBrush sketch then retopologized in TopoGun with the mesh finalized in Maya.


This is a WIP of my favorite character from Apocalypto - “Zero Wolf”. Low intensity clay tubes brush in ZBrush has worked out great at this stage.


Some hard-surfaced props and vehicles modeled in Maya and taken to Keyshot for rendering


More hard-surface modeling in Maya with some texture painting experiments


Some of the main buildings from The Greatest Showman modeled for 3D print.